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Tuna steak recipes

Tuna steak recipes




Excellent, easy, Garlic clove Herbed Tuna cooked at mefium high temperature, around the stove , using 5 thicker filet pieces, inside a covered 6″ pan . three or four minutes both sides stored it moist, flavorful, having a less pink center. The fresh lemon juice over powered the herbs. The recipe is a great base to include a pinch of other flavors .

I really like this recipe! I personally use a couple of bulbs of garlic clove with 2 tablespoons of of fresh lemon juice and three tablespoons of of evoo. The additional garlic clove results in a nice crust.

Absolutely WONDERFUL! I cooked the tuna around the grill and LOVED the taste! The lemon adds sufficient tartness to become distinguishable, although not too overpowering! EXCELLENT.

I marinated the tuna steaks not less than a complete hour and also the flavor was great!

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