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Sweet potato casserole recipe

Sweet potato casserole recipe

Yams Casserole is really a southern classic. Having a wealthy, buttery taste and crunchy topping, this yams casserole recipe constitutes a perfect side dish or perhaps a dessert.

Yams casserole. You think it a side dish or dessert?

Since you know, on occasions when you discover something which works best for both, you just need to opt for it. Right?

My Grandmother Verdie always offered her yams casserole throughout the holidays and I must admit it had become always certainly one of my personal favorite areas of your food! Your investment poultry, give me an additional scoop of her yams casserole and that i would be a happy girl!

Since I’m a bit older (ahem…) and I’ve discovered my passion for Bart’s smoked poultry, my plate has much more onto it competing in my attention!

Yams Casserole Recipe

The odor of yams casserole makes your whole house smell amazing. Even better, your loved ones and visitors will attempt to learn how to get every last bite our from the dish. Just watch them whenever you serve it. I promise, they’ll be attempting to decipher it. Just watch.

Preheat oven to 350 levels. Scrub your sweet taters until they’re clean, then boil them, bake them or prepare them inside your Instant Pot until tender.

Awesome, peel and mash the cooked sweet taters then stir within the ingredients for that yams area of the recipe. Pour yams mixture right into a 913 casserole dish or individual dishes for serving.

For that topping, mix the components for that streusel topping area of the recipe and spread evenly within the yams mixture.

Prepare for half an hour until topping has browned. If adding small marshmallows, add them the ultimate ten minutes of baking. Remove from oven and serve!

It’s easy to make ahead and it is freezer friendly too! I’ve shared individuals details within the notes from the recipe.

Here’s my recipe for the way I make my Grandmother’s Southern Yams Casserole. I think you’ll like it around my loved ones does!

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