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Rum balls

Rum balls

If you’re searching for that easiest 4-Component Christmas treat, these Chocolate Rum Balls are it!

Rum balls take under twenty minutes to throw together Or perhaps less when you get the children involved! NO BAKING needed and You don’t need to melt any CHOCOLATE! These little wealthy and decadent Chocolate Rum Balls are our personal essential Christmas treat around australia, where chocolate and coconut meet condensed milk and crushed wafers or cookies!

An indication of rum makes them the very best treats to provide as gifts OR actually your visitors!


Simple to make, I bet you will find the ingredients necessary inside your kitchen cupboards to create these at this time!

The rum part to become optional within this recipe, as a number of our readers aren’t comfortable giving treats with alcohol for their kids. Obviously, these balls are perfect without or with rum! Or make half a load with rum (1 tablespoon is sufficient for any half batch), and half a load without! I’ll leave that part totally your decision.

Biting in to these Rum balls is a blissful bite following the next.

  1. Put your cookies inside a large ziplock bag and crush all of them with a moving pin. You might crush these questions mixer if you want! We like the moving pin method because we like some bigger cookie pieces within our balls!
  2. Then, add all your ingredients right into a large bowl

3. You can begin off mixing having a wooden spoon but might need to make use of your hands when the mixture becomes too thick. Once it’s thick, please don’t add anymore fluids into it! It must be thick enough so once it refrigerates, it sets right into a truffle-like ball.

4. Then, roll right into a ball through the tablespoonful

5. Roll each rum ball in coconut and put them on the tray to refrigerate.

Best Of Luck refusing to eat any Rum balls when you make sure they are.

That’s it! The simplest truffle Rum balls recipe in the world without requiring to melt any chocolate. Ideal for gifts OR being an after dinner mint with no mint!

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