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Palak paneer

Palak paneer

palak paneer recipe with video and step-by-step photos – this scrumptious palak paneer recipe may be the way my mother will make for all of us. she’s been causeing this to be recipe for a long time and today i allow it to be for everybody. it is among the favorite paneer recipes around the blog – not just readers’ favorite but additionally ours.

i additionally create a restaurant style palak paneer, that has the smoking or dhungar method incorporated inside it. i personally use dhungar method in recipes where i wish to add smoky charcoal aroma towards the dish.

within this palak paneer recipe i’ve proven the technique of blanching green spinach. this is accomplished so the dish includes a nice eco-friendly color which is a proper practice too.

i usually recommend to blanch green spinach prior to making any dish in which the green spinach foliage is used in big amounts where a puree is made of the leaves. any chef worth their salt will blanch green spinach before while using green spinach leaves in many recipes. blanching green spinach seemed to be trained in my experience within my home science cooking classes a long time ago.

for making palak recipes like dal palak, palak grain or palak sabzi etc, the green spinach foliage is not blanched but sauted. sauting green spinach leaves also is effective in many recipes. whether or not to saut or blanch depends upon the kind of cooking technique you use for your particular recipe or dish and also the proportion of green spinach used. for any recipe like palak paneer, its better to blanch green spinach because of the following advantages it’s.

why blanch green spinach to make palak paneer

palak paneer is essentially soft paneer (cottage type cheese) cubes cooked inside a smooth green spinach curry. this palak paneer is among the most widely used paneer recipe around the blog.

this scrumptious palak paneer goes well with rotis, naan, parathas or tandoori rotis as well as jeera grain or biryani grain or saffron grain or ghee grain.

vegans can substitute paneer with tofu within this recipe. i’ve made palak tofu many occasions as well as with tofu, the palak gravy tastes excellent.

couple of popular paneer recipes that you could try at occasions are:

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