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Navy bean soup

Navy bean soup




This isn’t traditional navy bean soup! No tomato plants or tomato sauce!! I personally use the canned navy beans so no wasted soaking time. Then mash them some after adding water. Just add celery, diced onion, chopped carrots and pork bone or pork hocks! Using the pork you might not want added salt. Add bay leaf if you would like and pepper to taste. Then l let prepare all day long! Yummy. And That I increased on this soup as my father would be a Naval officer.

Attempted it. Not really a keeper. Might return to it later and then try to tweet it.

Increased track of this soup, but Granny would make use of the nutritious dried bean cooking water because the base for that soup rather than drain. May also use baby limas or large limas. Added bay leaves,celery,carrots and lots of cracked pepper,too. Tasty with and/or without tomato plants. This recipe is another flavorful vegetarian soup through the elimination of the pork! Thank-you.

To Abby_21. Yes, I usually make use of a good pork which i cube piceses of in my navy bean soup. Always prepare the beans in water only, don’t add other things, until they’re done or as the second reviewer stated they’re not going to soften. I only add celery, carrots and onion together with pepper and salt. I leave the veggies in big pieces to allow them to be removed – especially celery which becomes slimy in my experience but adds great flavor. Serve with cornbread for any cold winter night dinner!

To create inside a pressure oven, lessen the water to at least one 1/2 cups, and prepare for half an hour.

Love beans same goes with try to have it made in your own home-thanks

I believe that adding a ketchup/brown sugar mix would actually get this to dish standout!!

My children who are able to be picky all loved this soup!!

I saut?erectile dysfunction the onion and added 2 celery stalks diced together with 4 medium carrots & 2 bay leaves for this recipe! Ooh-la-la, the pork bone was the only real other seasoning I’d! Can make again!

it will not be lengthy (maybe tomorrow even) and I will be causeing this to be-thank you for posting Mildred

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