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Honey butter

Honey butter

Printed November 1, 2018 , Updated Feb 4, 2019

The Very Best and easiest Honey Butter! A combination of sweet honey and creamy butter with a little cinnamon along with a a little vanilla flavoring. A sweet and scrumptious topping for biscuits, muffins, rolls, bread, sweet taters, pancakes, waffles, and much more!

HONEY BUTTER! As well as any honey butter – honey butter with a little vanilla, a pinch of warm cinnamon, along with a sprinkle of ocean salt. You’re likely to be slathering this on every carb around the corner. Believe me, I speak from experience.

Ready is the star of christmas? Make/bring/share/serve this butter with anybody and everybody. This recipe is ridiculously easy and it comes down out absolutely perfect. It is going great on a wide variety of things – more about that below! This is actually the easiest and quickest method to elevate a side dish or breakfast item. Everybody is going to be impressed that you simply made your personal flavored butter!

Honey Butter Recipe

This recipe couldn’t be simpler – it’s literally a measure. Here’s what you ought to make Honey Butter:

Utilizing a hands mixer or stand mixer, beat all the ingredients together until smooth and combined. Serve immediately or refrigerate until you really need it. I ensure that it stays within the fridge for approximately 2 days.

Now that you’ve got that lovely butter, let’s consider all of the uses of it:

I suggest refrigerating this butter since it lasts longer this way. If you’re thinking about eating it within a few days you are able to let it rest out tightly covered inside a butter crock, butter dish, or food storage container.

Note: You will wish to serve it at 70 degrees. If it’s not already softened, I suggest removing it in the fridge 1-2 hrs before you really need it to let it soften.

Create this butter and also have it ready inside your fridge for whenever you really need it. Believe me, there are plenty of ways to use it.


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