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Doughnut recipe

Doughnut recipe

Once you have sampled these irresistibly plump and sugary treats from doughnut master Justin Gellatly, there will be no returning!

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  • caster sugar, for tossing
  • Method

    Put 150g water and all sorts of dough ingredients, in addition to the butter, in to the bowl of the mixer having a beater paddle. Mix on the medium speed for 8 mins or before the dough starts coming from the sides and forms a ball. Switch off the mixer and allow the dough rest for 1 min.

    Start the mixer up again on the medium speed and gradually add some butter towards the dough – about 25g at any given time. Once it’s all incorporated, mix on high-speed for five mins before the dough is glossy, smooth and incredibly elastic when pulled.

    Cover the bowl with cling film or perhaps a clean tea towel and then leave to demonstrate until it’s bending in dimensions. Knock back the dough within the bowl briefly, then re-cover and make the fridge to relax overnight.

    The following day, go ahead and take dough from the fridge and work into 50g pieces (you need to get about 20).

    Roll the dough pieces into smooth, tight buns and put them on the floured baking tray, departing lots of space together, while you don’t would like them to stay together when they prove.

    Cover loosely with cling film and then leave for 4 hrs or until bending in dimensions. Fill your deep-fat fryer or heavy-based saucepan midway with oil. Heat the oil to 180C.

    Once the oil is heated, carefully slide the doughnuts in the tray utilizing a floured pastry scraper. Being careful to not deflate them, place them in to the oil. Do 2-3 per batch, with respect to the size your fryer or pan.

    Fry for just two mins both sides until golden brown – they puff up and float, so you may want to lightly push them lower after about 1 min to assist them to colour evenly.

    Take away the doughnuts in the fryer and put them on kitchen paper.

    Chuck the ball doughnuts inside a bowl of caster sugar while still warm. Repeat the steps until all of the doughnuts are fried, but keep examining the oil temperatures are correct – if it’s excessive, they’ll burn and become raw in the centre if it’s lacking, the oil is going to be made available to the doughnuts and they’ll become greasy. Put aside to awesome before filling.

    To fill the doughnuts, create a hole having a small knife within the crease of every one, anywhere round the white-colored line between your fried bottom and top.

    Fill a piping bag together with your filling and pipe in to the doughnut until nicely inflamed – 20-50g may be the optimum quantity, with respect to the filling cream is going to be less, since it is more aerated. After filling, the doughnuts would be best eaten immediately, and can retain in an airtight tin.

    Custard filling: Check out Justin’s custard filling and, if you want, add different flavours towards the custard the following.

    Brown sugar: Switch the caster sugar with half soft brownish sugar and half light brown sugar. You can include chopped stem ginger root towards the finished custard, or some hazelnut praline. Finish with half the amount of cream.

    Chocolate: Whisk 150g dark (70%) chocolate in to the milk. Finish with half the cream.

    Coffee: Add 4 tablespoons of of freshly ground strong coffee towards the milk.

    Malt & vanilla: Mix 2 tablespoons of of powdered malt in to the sugar, and a pair of tablespoons of of liquid malt in to the milk.

    Saffron: Give a good pinch of saffron towards the milk. Finish with half the amount of cream.

    Purple custard: Add 3 teaspoon of purple extract and three tablespoons of of purple liqueur towards the finished custard. Sprinkle sugared violets and crushed Parma Purple sweets over the top filled doughnuts.

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